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Renewable and Sustainable Energy

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.


Renewable and Sustainable Energy

The call to preserve our planet binds us all together.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Nioglow has an innovative approach to renewable energy investments.
We bring unparalleled structuring and financing support to our projects through our relationship with Monarch Private Capital. Monarch has placed nearly $1.5 billion in transferable credits in the marketplace. Nioglow leverages this expertise and network to serve as a leader in renewable energy development and financing support.

Nioglow has a joint-venture partnership with The Carlyle Group, doing business as Cardinal Renewables. This partnership provides a commitment of over $100 million to develop, acquire, finance, and operate solar power generation projects throughout the United States.

A fundamental purpose of Nioglow existence is to drive the energy transition forward and move toward a more sustainable future.

Nioglow impact platform presents the opportunity to make a statement through socially responsible investments that make a difference in our world.

Through our partnership with Monarch Private Capital and their ESG rating and evaluation process, we analyze the impact each investment has on the community as well as broader societal impacts.

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