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Charitable Donation

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Charitable Donation


Nioglow, a company that is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and positively contributing to the local community, recently made a charitable donation to the St. George Christakis Hassapis Centre for Children with Special Needs. This donation was made as part of nioglow’s ongoing efforts to support and assist the local community. The St. George Christakis Hassapis Centre, which is located in Larnaca, Cyprus, was established in 1992 with the mission of providing support and care for children and adults with severe physical and mental disabilities. Many of these individuals live permanently at the center.

Unfortunately, the center was severely damaged by a devastating fire that occurred on June 9th, 2020. Restorations are still ongoing, and the center is currently relying on charitable donations to make the necessary repairs and fully resume operations. Nioglow’s donation is intended to help with these restoration efforts and support the center as it continues to serve the needs of the community.

To present the donation, Gregori Papagregoriou, the Financial Controller at nioglow, and a group of nioglow representatives visited the center and met with its management. During this visit, they had the opportunity to learn more about the urgent needs of the center and how they could help.

It is worth noting that the annual government grant provided to the St. George Christakis Hassapis Centre only covers a small percentage of its operational costs. As a result, the center continues to rely on additional financial support, such as charitable donations, to cover the overwhelming expenses associated with providing care and support to individuals with disabilities.